To: United States Congress
From: The American People
Re: Stop Big Tech Censorship Petition

Dear United States Congress, 

We are petitioning you to take immediate action to stop the prolifict censorship of conservative voices by Big Tech – platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google. 

We must return to core American First principles, like freedom of speech. Big Tech has disproportionately targeted conservative voices on their platform – demonetizing, shadow banning, and ultimately banning prominent conservative voices. 

We call on you to take specific and immediate action:

  • speed up and strengthen antitrust enforcement
  • hold Big Tech accountable for censorship
  • and increase transparency from Big Tech

This is long overdue. Big Tech is operating as a public square for public discourse and general conversation – although circumventing the Constitution and our basic rights. This can proceed no more. 

Please take action on behalf of the American People.

The Undersigned

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